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Energy Storage for A/C Units

CAD Drawings 3fficient Energy Storage for A/C Units
Ice bears simply plug into existing or new a/c units.  They make ice at night in their built-in ice tank.  Then, during the heat of the day, melting ice water provides the cooling to the a/c unit so the big “energy hog” compressor can take a break.  As a result, the a/c compressor stops constantly cycling on and off during the heat of the day.  The a/c units last longer.  Cooling is more consistent and moderate vs cycling and dumping cold air on occupants. It’s quieter for occupants.  Since most buildings peak power demand (kW) is from air conditioning, utility demand charges are cut typically 30% – 50% by installing our ice bears.  Likewise, a/c loads are shifted to night when it’s cooler outside and rates are cheaper.  As a result, energy (kWh) costs go way down too.  It’s not uncommon for overall building utility costs to drop by over 30% with hybrid a/c upgrades by 3fficient.