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ZeoFill® Backyard Deodorizer™

CAD Drawings ZeoFill, Inc. Artificial Turf Infill ZeoFill® Backyard Deodorizer™
Backyard Deodorizer™ is the perfect pet urine odor remover used as artificial grass infill for dogs. Pet turf needs some form of deodorizing agent to help control the urine odors in the synthetic grass. 

Backyard Deodorizer is 100% All Natural, Eco-Friendly, Highly Absorbent, Non-toxic, Quartz-free, Chemical free, Fragrance free, Odorless, Non-hazardous, Non-flammable, Liquid Sustainable, Non-Caustic, and Proposition 65 Safe granular that removes odors caused by urine. 

Intensive testings have proven Backyard Deodorizer™ superior zeolite absorbs 80% of its weight in liquids, leaving the nearest competitors product literally in the dust.