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Pots Perfect™ Fiberglass Planters: Vase (PP1229)

CAD Drawings Green Theory Design Pots Perfect™ Fiberglass Planters: Vase (PP1229)

Bring sophistication with a playful edge to your urban garden. For use indoors or out, this painted fiberglass planter's clean, smooth lines and tall stature elevate a space. The soft curve is elegant without being formal, and the tapered bottom adds visual interest. Use these planters in a row to create a dense room divider while avoiding the typical "boxy" look.

These planters come in the following sizes

  • PP1229.29 - 29"D x 36"H
  • PP1229.25 - 25"D x 31"H
  • PP1229.21 - 21"D x 26"H
  • PP1229.16 - 16"D x 22"H

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