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Post to Beams: 8" Post to Beam OWT-Lite (Ironwood)

CAD Drawings BIM Models OZCO Building Products Post to Beams: 8" Post to Beam OWT-Lite (Ironwood)
The OZCO 8 in. Post To Beam Ironwood OWT-Lite hardware is yet another revolutionary way you can connect a post to a beam with our one-of-a-kind ledge. Like the original OWT Post base, OWT lite features individually adjustable 2-piece design allows the beam to be mounted before it is positioned, facilitating easy installation. OWT saves you time as they do not require extra labor and material to conceal them, and can be used with all types of lumber from pressure treated to cedar and more, giving your project a timeless look. The OWT Lite products are simplified versions of the original OWT products designed to meet the minimum load requirements and offered at a lower price point.

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