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Wilshire Boxes - WB - 1012 - 36 - Sub

CAD Drawings Tournesol Siteworks Inc. Wilshire Boxes - WB - 1012 - 36 - Sub
Whether it's the lightweight fiberglass box, the pre-engineered brackets, or the easy-to-use mounting template, we’ve thought through a complete commercial-quality hanging planter system so you won’t have to! Wilshire Boxes are used to contain plants on green facade projects (in combination with our VertiGreen® 3D trellis or any other plant suppport), on parking structures, and on spandrel and parapet walls. Hanging planters on the perimeter of a roof garden eliminates the need to build up the structural capacity of a flat roof, channeling the weight down the load-bearing wall.
Wilshire Boxes are available in 3 different size ranges, in FRP fiberglass lengths from 2’ to 10’ long. The simple styling works with most building types, and highlights the plants rather than the planter. The hanging brackets are powder coated with stainless mounting studs. The brackets tuck into the back of the box, so the planter can snug up next to the wall. It's a system used in hundreds of installations nationwide, and one of the most commonly found systems on parking structures today.

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