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Tournesol VGP Tray-Based System

CAD Drawings Tournesol Siteworks Inc. Tournesol VGP Tray-Based System

The VGP is a versatile, easy-to-install living wall system for residential and light commercial applications. Few living wall systems offer the versatility of the VGP living wall. At the heart of the system is the planting tray, made of 100% recycled polypropylene. Whendirect-planted with two 4" or one-1-gallon nursery pots, it provides a lush, rich-looking living wall at a price significantly lower than our commercially-oriented VGM modular living wall.

The trays may be hung on a VGP mounting panel, standard 2" x 3" welded mesh or wire, or along rods or stainless steel rope. Each tray incorporates an anti-lift arm to prevent unwanted removal, but requires no other bolts or clips. Trays are hung at either 6" or 9" intervals, depending on the plant size and the project budget.

The VGP tray is designed with overflow drain from a sub-irrigation reservoir, so the pots will cascade drain to a central point. Add a wick and the reservoir will provide optimal water use. The generously-sized pot will allow for long term growing, and easy replacement or change-out as desired.

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