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Cold Grip High Friction Surfacing Treatment

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Coldgrip is a generic name for a range of cold-applied thermoset resin road surfacing systems which provide high friction (skid-resistance) and/or color demarcation. 

High friction properties are achieved and maintained throughout 
the service life of Coldgrip by scattering calcined bauxite aggregates onto the resin while still wet. By providing high friction contact with vehicle tires, braking is achieved more effectively and with less risk of skidding and loss of control. High friction and color demarcation is achieved by using pigmented Coldgrip together with Colourgrip color coated aggregates.

Coldgrip BBA is BBA/HAPAS (British Board of Agrèment/Highway Authorities Product Approval Scheme) approved as a Type 1 system, the highest classification available. This is subject to the scheme guidelines and the specific requirements within the BBA certificate.

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