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Garden Series: 4 x 4 Bollard - Grove CE® Design

CAD Drawings Nightscaping Garden Series: 4 x 4 Bollard - Grove CE® Design
The Nightscaping® Grove design draws its inspiration from the elegant and beautiful Aspen tree which grows naturally in the mountains and gardens of the Western United States.  

Considered to be the largest living organism on Earth, a 160-acre grove of Aspens in Utah covers more than 106 acres of land and is all from one original tree. 

This tree variety is also commonly referred to as a “Quaking Aspen”, due to the characteristic nature of its leaves which appear to tremble in the wind.

*CE® denotes designs that are new to Nightscaping® that have the “Continuous Effect” or wrap around design around the corners, that allow an uninterrupted display of pattern on 2 or more sides of the luminaire.

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