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Garden Series: 4 x 4 Bollard - Wright Geo CE® Design

CAD Drawings Nightscaping Garden Series: 4 x 4 Bollard - Wright Geo CE® Design
The Nightscaping® Wright GEO design, is based on a Frank Lloyd Wright, stained glass design of three panels in the Avery Coonley Playhouse in Riverside, IL.  

Wright referred to this triptych as a "kinder symphony". Unlike Wright's early designs with their nature derivations, the Playhouse windows are purely geometric in composition and feature bright, mostly primary colors. 

This design may have been inspired by a parade, the geometric shapes simulate a haphazard, yet controlled, arrangement of balloons, confetti and flags. The windows were the focal point of the playhouse, which was actually a kindergarten operated by Mrs. Coonley. 

*CE® denotes designs that are new to Nightscaping® that have the “Continuous Effect” or wrap around design around the corners, that allow an uninterrupted display of pattern on 2 or more sides of the luminaire.

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Decorative Steel Bollard Pathway Light: 4 x 4 Wright Geo CE® Design


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