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Garden Series: 4 x 4 Bollard - Celtic CE® Design

CAD Drawings Nightscaping Garden Series: 4 x 4 Bollard - Celtic CE® Design
The Nightscaping® Celtic design draws inspiration from the many Celtic and Moorish designs that were weaved into fabric and textiles from that early era.  

The Celtic design displays the archetypical circle and cross pattern in a single row that ascends from the base of the fixture to the top, creating a very uniform but interesting shadow pattern on the adjacent ground and plant material.  

This design is well suited to the formal garden and could also be used interchangeably with Nightscaping's® St. James design from the Garden and Estate Series.

*CE® denotes designs that are new to Nightscaping® that have the “Continuous Effect” or wrap around design around the corners, that allow an uninterrupted display of pattern on 2 or more sides of the luminaire.

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Decorative Steel Bollard Pathway Light: 4 x 4 Celtic CE® Design


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