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FRANGITALIA - Vertical Louver System

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FRANGITALIA steel louvers are EMMEGI’s superior alternative to aluminum louvers when concealment, noise reduction and ventilation is required. FRANGITALIA combines the strength of electrofused steel with stability and security.

FRANGITALIA panels can be installed Horizontally or Vertically, creating a “closed privacy wall” that offers noise reduction and complete visual security, while still allowing 35% free airflow and ventilation through the panel.

APPLICATIONS: FRANGITALIA 100% Closed Panels are designed for concealing mechanical equipment, garbage dumpsters and HVAC equipment. FRANGITALIA’s amazing versatility is apparent when also used in sunscreens, security fences, airport prop-blast screens, ventilation openings, highway barriers, bridge railings, dunnage screens and pipe chases.

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