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2200 Series: Reflective Insulation

CAD Drawings rFoil / Covertech 2200 Series: Reflective Insulation
rFOIL 2200 has proven to be our most versatile insulation product, as our customers report uses well beyond our design expectations. Think roof, attics, walls, and even special purpose duct insulation. Now think homemade custom size cooler, camping cooker, water heater wrap, garage door insulation and shipping packaging. What do you need insulated?Imagine what you can construct from this versatile product. 

rFOIL Metalized Foil Barrier has been specifically designed for insulating commercial and residential building assemblies, reducing the amount of radiant heat transfer. Adding rFOIL Metalized Foil Barrier to your construction project improves the insulation value of the building envelope and significantly increases its energy efficiency. 

rFOIL Metalized Foil Barrier is constructed as either a single or double layer of polyethylene bubbles, sandwiched between two highly reflective surfaces. All products in this line are classified as Class 1 / Class A in accordance with the ASTM-E84-09 fire test standard. This product was mounted in accordance to ASTM-E2599-08.

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