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Our sleek Pego planter is made from sturdy fiberglass for easy care and durability. Its clean, classic look complements traditional, modern, and transitional design schemes, and a large selection of hand-painted finishes allows you to coordinate with existing décor or choose a standout color that creates a stylish contrast. The oval mouth and slight taper at the base of the Pego planter pot give it an elongated and modern look, perfect for an art gallery or a high-end office building.

Arrange Pego planters in the corners of your conference rooms to provide some color and height to the walls, or on either side of larger furniture pieces to create an elegant frame. Give its classic silhouette a modern punch by choosing a bright, glossy hue, or opt for an understated neutral to blend into a minimalist surrounding. Made of durable, lightweight fiberglass, the Pego planter is easy to move around your space and won’t crack, chip or fade in sun or harsh weather.

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