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Creating Play That Moves You means innovating new approaches to play design. Introducing the latest innovation, Level X, a sculptural play form that challenges kids and takes play to an entirely new level. While at first glance it appears to be an art installation, it’s actually a universally-designed climbing, sensory and tactile experience for children of all abilities. Inspired by the architecture of the world’s most famous bridges, Level X changes the shape of play, moving away from linear forms and into abstract, sweeping arches with dynamic shapes. Although the shape is non-traditional, the play value is higher than ever! Children will explore the endless climbing paths and be amazed by the creative and imaginative ways to reach their destination. From ground-level, Level X looks like an exciting maze of paths and ropes as bridges cross each other for added dimension. Adding to the fun, bridges and ropes move while children play on them and trigger reactive movement throughout other areas of the structure making each play experience different. Level X is Burke’s latest innovation in play and will help communities provide an exciting adventure for everyone!

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