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Hycrete System X1000

CAD Drawings Hycrete, Inc. Hycrete System X1000

Hycrete X1000 is a dual-action corrosion inhibitor, protecting steel reinforcement in two ways. Hycrete X1000:

  • Reduces the permeability of concrete, up to seven times better than control concrete as measured under the BSI 1881-122 test
  • Forms a protective layer on the surface of rebar

With one application Hycrete X1000 provides an effective and robust barrier against water and chloride ingress that does not lose performance over time and never requires reapplication. It increases concrete durability and sustainability. Concrete treated with X1000 outperforms High Performance Concrete mixes (HPC) that include silica fume, fly ash, slag and calcium nitrite corrosion inhibitors.


Increased structural durability

  • Reduce absorptivity of concrete
  • Protect rebar with passivating layer
  • Minimize water and chloride damage, even in cracked concrete
  • Does not degrade, wash out or lose performance over time
Increase life cycle of structures
  • Structures last longer and have a longer life cycle, making construction more sustainable, and easier and cheaper to maintain
Green Construction
  • Concrete with Hycrete admixtures can easily be recycled
  • Hycrete admixtures are Cradle-to-Cradle™ Certified
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to dose into the concrete mix, via standard liquid metering system
  • Neutral to set-time, finishing, and workability
  • No exposure issues when mixed with fresh concrete
  • No dangerous silica dust or breakable bags
  • No ammonia or drums to mix
  • Virtually no VOCs

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