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TreeDiaper® - Indoor Plant Hydration System

CAD Drawings Ecoturf Midwest, Inc TreeDiaper® - Indoor Plant Hydration System
TreeDiaper is now available in smaller sizes for bushes, shrubs and containers! Go weeks to months before needing to water your plants and containers. ? 

Go on vacation or manage your logistics easier using TreeDiaper to "plant-sit" and handle the watering duties. Conserve water and protect your plants with minimal effort. Place a TreeDiaper in your containers!

Reduce your maintenance budget by 75% or more by installing varieties of TreeDiaper on your indoor or outdoor commercial plants. ? 

Indoors, TreeDiaper can last UP TO 90 DAYS before needing water. Instead of weekly watering, swap out a TreeDiaper every 60 - 90 days. Use a soil moisture meter to spot check monthly, while watering some of the plantings that don't use TreeDiaper.

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