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5015 Rolling Grilles

CAD Drawings The Cookson Company 5015 Rolling Grilles

When an enhanced security need demands heavy duty gates that still provide visibility and air flow, our 5015 heavy duty gates are the perfect security solution. Our security gates for businesses feature solid rods that are spaced 33% closer than standard security grille designs. In addition to closer spacing, these overhead industrial gates are constructed with 50% heavier gauge links that have spacers on each and every grille rod. The additional heavy duty rolling security gate tube spacers not only ensure increased security and longevity, but can be powder coated for increased aesthetics.

Built to last, our 5015 heavy duty security gate is custom manufactured to your specifications and needs while offering several material options, opening operator options and multiple security grille finishing choices. It’s no wonder more parking garage gate systems and storefronts are choosing our 5015 heavy duty gates for their security needs.

When you need to balance enhanced security needs with visibility and air flow, choosing the 5015 heavy duty security gate will help solve many security solutions.

Please not that all CAD drawings provided are for a specific size. 

  • Doors and Grilles are 10’ x 10’ 
  • Counter Doors are 6’ x 4’ 
  • If specific dimensions are required, please visit the drawing generator available on our website.

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