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Ultra Shallow Bollard

CAD Drawings Ameristar Security Products Ultra Shallow Bollard

Ameristar's Ultra Shallow bollards are quick and easy to install crash-rated bollards that provide superb protection against vehicular threats. All configurations in the series require between 6"-10" of total excavation, enabling you to install a crash test certified security product at a fraction of the depth required by traditional products.

Ameristar's Ultra Shallow Series is available in 3 crash test certified configurations. The first is crash test cerified as M50/P1 (aka Gladiator) which is a K12/L3 equivalent rating. The second is crash test certified as PAS68 (aka the SP1000) and is equivalent to a M40/P2 or K8 rating. The final configuration is crash test certified to K4/L3 (aka the SMB) which is equivalent to a M30/P1 rating.

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