Standard Stainless Steel Animal Bathtub

CAD Drawings BIM Models Bathtubs for Pets Standard Stainless Steel Animal Bathtub
A simple, elegant tub crafted to the standards of all Bathtubs for PetsĀ® products. 14-gauge stainless steel, fully welded, beautifully finished and designed to last for decades. 

This Basic Standard Tub model is built with a closed front and does not have a door opening. 

Like all Bathtubs for PetsĀ® Bathing Centers, the Basic Standard Tub is constructed to accommodate the Elevating Platform System* (sold separately), making it easy to bathe smaller animals. Simply lift the platform, turn it 90 degrees and put it in place to position your pet at a level comfortable for both of you. The Elevating Platforms* can also serve as a drying/brushing station. *US Patent 8220417

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