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Cardiff Rectangular Planter

CAD Drawings Old Town Fiberglass, Inc. Cardiff Rectangular Planter
Concrete planters cannot be repaired, are not waterproof and are extremely heavy requiring a crane and a crew to install. 

Many key employees have been with Lisa for the past 23 years. They have trained together and learned together and their skill and experience have made Old Town employees innovators in the field. These key employees mentor Old Town apprentices and have successfully passed-on their pride of workmanship. 

When custom colors are specified, Old Town Fiberglass has a color match department that is second to none. They have also developed a unique sand texture that has become extremely popular with landscape architects. This finish offers the beauty of traditional precast concrete or stone with the handling ease of light weight fiberglass. 

Old Town Fiberglass has also developed techniques for manufacturing waterproof fiberglass planter liners, on-site, for extremely large and unusually shaped planters and water features. Their expertise in this process is second to none.

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Rectangular Planter: Cardiff (CF481824)


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