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RMS-F Series Shelter Lighting

CAD Drawings Urban Solar RMS-F Series Shelter Lighting
Urban Solar’s RMS-F Series is a safe, powerful and reliable solar powered LED shelter lighting system, designed specifically for the transit industry. 

The PV-Shelter RMS-F Series is designed for barrel, flat or peaked roof shelters. The solar array is mounted on the shelter roof, while the batteries, controller (ECM), and LED lighting components are housed in a self-contained metal enclosure mounted to the ceiling of the shelter. 

RMS-F shelter lighting systems mount easily to new or existing transit bus shelters, with various configurations tailored to meet a wide range of safety, branding, and performance needs. Delivering safe and environmentally-friendly lighting through superior quality, reliability, and innovative designs, the RMS-F Series is the ideal solution for a variety of bus shelter lighting demands.

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