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Greek Doric Fluted Columns

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Greek Doric Columns

Royal Corinthian manufactures Greek Doric Columns from RoyalCast™ Composite Fiberglass, RoyalStone™ Synthetic Stone, and RoyaLite™ FRP Fiberglass. The latter is typically provided as a column cover in two vertical halves to surround a structural support, although factory assembly is available. The shaft cross sections are pictured below. We also offer RoyalCrete™ G.F.R.C and RoyalThinStone™ EPS backed lightweight cast stone columns, which are segmented rather than whole (please contact us for more information). Currently, our Greek Doric columns are available in diameters ranging from 22" to 32" but we are constantly adding new sizes. Due to our in-house mold making department, custom sizes are relatively inexpensive so please feel free to design the column to your specifications. Each Greek Doric column comes with 20 equally spaced concave grooves which are often referred to as flutes. We are able to make them without the flutes.

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