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Membranes: Dec-Tec CoolStep Line

CAD Drawings Dec-Tec Membranes: Dec-Tec CoolStep Line
From the makers of the first Cool Roof Rating Council listed walkable, reflective membrane in the industry; DecTec brings single-ply cool roof principles and technology to flat roof pedestrian areas. Unlike liquid applied coatings, DecTec membranes won’t crack, peel, or wear away and can be easily installed in a single day providing little to no disruption to the construction schedule, or tenants. The name says it all: CoolStep stays cool to walk on in bare feet, even in extremely high summer temperatures!

Protect your building and extend the life of other building components by eliminating moisture intrusion and reduce energy cooling costs, all in an attractive, easy, and cost efficient installation that will withstand even the harshest weather conditions... summer or winter!

Specify CoolStep... Waterproofing has never been so Cool!

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