Pliteq TREAD™ Bounce - Indoor Applications

CAD Drawings Pliteq TREAD™ Boünce Pliteq TREAD™ Bounce - Indoor Applications
Pliteq TREAD™ Bounce rubber safety surfacing is made from up to 92% recycled rubber and EPDM. Patent pending dual core pedestal construction of tiles provides superior impact attenuation for falls and is engineered for durability.  

Pliteq TREAD™ Bounce tiles are manufactured to a nominal dimension of 24” by 24” with an interlocking mechanism that ensures a clean and easy installation over a variety of sub-surfaces. Thickness of the system varies with different critical fall heights and all systems can be repaired easily.

Pliteq TREAD™ Bounce is ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings such as playgrounds, daycares, schools, rooftops, patios, indoor/outdoor climbing walls etc. Pliteq TREAD™ Bounce meets and exceeds the ADA requirement for wheelchair accessibility, making spaces fun for all. Available in standard and custom color ranges, Pliteq TREAD™ Bounce adds fun and character to any play area that demands safety, durability and minimal maintenance.

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