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MATERA - Medium Square Openings

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MATERA, with its 3 7/8", nominal, medium square opening creates a grating panel with a pleasing scale, geometry and balance. MATERA is the perfect combination of style, and security in one attractive panel. With its open, airy feeling, MATERA’s bearing bars look good vertically or horizontally, and its medium size openness makes it economically feasible for use over large areas. 

APPLICATIONS: MATERA’s 3 7/8” square opening is specifically made for use where BOCA Code matters as on stair railings and guard rails. MATERA’s square pattern is the perfect panel to use on sloped or inclined applications such as stairs, ramps, infill panels, as well as balconies, walkways, and parking garage fencing. MATERA is perfect for hilly or sloping landscape fencing where changes in elevations of adjacent panels can be neatly and orderly “stepped down.”

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