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Helix Fiberglass Tall Round Planter

CAD Drawings Planters Unlimited Helix Fiberglass Tall Round Planter
The Helix planter’s contemporary, artistic design makes it popular for modern spaces, both indoors and out. Made from moisture-resistant, long-lasting fiberglass, it will also last for years, retaining its beauty and shape through inclement weather, including freeze/thaw conditions. Customize your Helix planter in one of over 25 colors and four finishes, including a high gloss that further highlights its modern design. 

Originally designed to go over an existing bollard in front of a hotel, the design features an open bottom with a false bottom just above the height of the bollard allowing it to be placed over an otherwise unattractive safety element providing planting area. The symmetric lines in the planter walls introduce light shadows and patterns with the appearance of a rotating motion.