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UL 752 Protection Level 7 - 5.56mm

CAD Drawings BIM Models ArmorCore by Waco Composites UL 752 Protection Level 7 - 5.56mm
ArmorCore® carries a one-hour fire rating compliant to ASTM E119-00 (Fire Testing of Building Construction and Materials)
ArmorCore® Level 3 panels carry a Class IV Forced Entry Protection rating, per ASTM F1233-98.

Level / UL Rating: Level 7
Nominal Thickness: 1 1/8" (28.58mm)
Nominal Weight lbs/sq. ft: 11.7 psf
NIJ Level: NA
Ammunition: 5.56mm rifle full metal copper jacket, with lead core
Grain: 55
(g): 3.56
Minimum fps: 3080
Velocity m/s: 939
No. of Shots: 5
UL 752 Paragraph: 4.9

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