The CADdetails Engine

Twenty Years of Building High-Quality Information for Product Manufacturers

CADdetails began by helping manufacturers turn their paper cut sheets into CAD details and distributing them over a dial-up bulletin board service. A year later in 1997, the service moved to the newly commercialized World Wide Web, securing a name that has accurately described what we do for 20 years.

As a start-up the company was made up of our founder, a Landscape Architect, along with a high school co-op with a passion for architecture, and a graphic designer. Today, the company consists of a team of highly specialized professionals that provide a host of services to our clients and website visitors.

Content Development

The CADdetails Content Development team manages the creation and distribution of design files on the network. Our team is comprised of a group of dynamic professionals with a wide variety of backgrounds who work closely with participating manufacturers to ensure that all their documents are created to the highest standards driven by the industry.

As a result of our commitment to excellence, CADdetails clients trust us with the vital job of creating and marketing their product information to the AEC community. All CAD drawings, product specifications, 3D models, and accompanying files are created with maximum attention to detail, product knowledge, creativity, and a keen understanding of the end user

CADdetails clients receive dedicated service and attention by each member of our Content Development team throughout their participation - from the initial creation of their Design Content listing on CADdetails and maintenance of their files, to the posting of their leading-edge CADdetails Microsite - our team makes the process smooth and effective, guaranteeing that our community of design professionals will find exactly what they are looking for when they search for a manufacturer's content on

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Client Services Management

As CADdetails client base of building product manufacturers has expanded over the years, so has the role of our Client Services team. With several decades of experience between them, our group of Client Services managers are highly qualified professionals who are passionate about building long-lasting relationships with our participating manufacturers.

Responsible for the overall customer experience, our Client Services team works meticulously to oversee all aspects of a client’s CADdetails participation from the moment they join our community. With extensive knowledge of CADdetails suite of services, our team is able to tailor each client’s participation to provide them with the greatest return on their marketing investment.

An integral role of the Client Services team is to initiate conversations between building product manufacturers and CADdetails support teams, including our Content Development team. By working one-on-one with our manufacturers to address their specific needs and make enhancements to their programs, we can maximize the success of their participation on, helping them to grow their business.

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Programming and Research & Development

In the spring of 2015, CADdetails launched a completely new state-of-the-art website. Development of the new site provided our team of in-house, specialized programmers with an exciting opportunity to build a cutting edge website with a host of new features, including an intuitive search engine, graphical user interface, product images, new user action items, and more.

Months and months of research, development, designing, and testing has resulted in a site that is now incredibly user-friendly, mobile-ready, and robust. Having built a site that satisfies the needs of both our website users and clients alike, our Programming and Research & Development team continues to work diligently to maintain the inner and outer workings of the CADdetails site, while developing pioneering ideas and solutions that propel our business forward.

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CADdetails Design Blog & AECnewsletter

An extension of our Content Development team, our CADdetails Blog & AECnewsletter Marketing team is a talented group of professionals with well-rounded backgrounds in corporate communications, marketing, and graphic design. Our marketing team works closely to deliver the most comprehensive social media tools, trade show exhibits, and our inspiring Design for the Built World blog.

By delivering the latest industry trends, software reviews, digital technology news, featured products, and new content available on to thousands of subscribers, our community of AEC professionals can easily stay informed by following our blog, using their favorite social media site or by simply checking their email inbox.

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CADdetails’ team of dedicated Sales professionals are passionate about connecting building product manufacturers with more than 435,000 specifiers in the AEC community. Having worked with thousands of building product manufacturers collectively, our Sales representatives have the experience and expertise to develop a marketing program that produces results.

By providing unmatched value with CADdetails host of services, our Sales team guides prospective and existing clients through the process of selecting services to help solidify their company brand and products among their target audience.

To find out how your company can become a participating manufacturer, contact our qualified sales team today.

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