Monkey Bar and Restaraunt
Orlando, Florida

Project Details

Orlando, Florida

Because we were using natural products, to create an inviting and tropical feel, we had to adhere to the stringent fire codes monitored by a Fire Marshal. We also needed to capture the charm of the original building while creating a retro Tiki bar theme. Monkey Bar wanted to create new energy and attract repeat customers. The building is split level, so we also had to ensure the look and feel of the Monkey Bar complemented the Waitiki Bar and Restaurant below it.

We chose materials that were a little unusual. They included a reed ceiling board that provided texture and natural colors while working with the Retro Red accessories. All of our natural materials had to be treated with fire retardant to meet specific safety standards.

The bar was finished on time and met budget while satisfying fire codes and exceeding Monkey Bar’s design expectations.

"We wanted a bar upstairs that would capitalize on the building’s structure and capture the qualities of a relaxed local’s bar too. The Monkey Bar turned out to be just what we wanted because it has a beach-style comfortable atmosphere but a lot of personality too."

-- Joel Springman

**Design provided by outside source. Not property of amaZulu**

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