Residential Roof Deck
Hoboken, NJ.

Project Details

Red Bridge Homes
Hoboken, NJ.

Residential roof deck in upscale neighborhood of Hoboken, NJ. Approximately 1,000 sq ft roof deck paved with Architrex Woodside Oak porcelain pavers elevated on adjustable height, self-leveling pedestals ranging from 2" to 8". Installed by Red Bridge Homes, a design/build company known for superior craftsmanship. Cost of pedestal and porcelain paver materials - $10,600.

Hoboken, NJ has somewhat unique building codes compared to surrounding cities, one of which requires a buffer zone approximately 3’ wide around the perimeter of parapet walls in specific locations on a flat roof top. This caused Red Bridge Homes to incorporate a perimter green roof system into the deck paver layout, also supported on pedestals to bring the planter trays level with the pavers.

Paver weight was not a concern for this install, meaning lower cost and much heavier concrete pavers were an option. But aesthetics was paramount on such a high end residential property, making Italian porcelain pavers the better choice. Red Bridge chose Architrex Oak pavers, which skillfully re-create prominent knots, wood grain, and color variation found in real wood decking.

Red Bridge Homes reported a smooth installation with no surprises or difficult obstacles to overcome. They did however realize that getting vertical measurements around the entire deck perimeter would have ensured correct pedestal heights delivered with the initial shipment of materials and eliminated delays exchanging pedestals during the install. Red Bridge acknowledged the option of pedestal systems that utilize pvc pipe cut on-site to produce pedestals heights needed, which eliminates pre-measuring altogether. However, their experience has proven that cutting lengths of pvc per pedestal is more time consuming and therefore more expensive than using Architrex pedestals, so long as the correct pedestal heights are ordered initially to avoid project delays.

Architrex offers a pedestal estimating program that produces a color-coded layout of exact pedestal heights needed, and the only information required is perimeter dimensions and a few vertical measurements from substrate to deck paver surface. Red Bridge says they’ll take advantage of this free service on their upcoming project with Architrex.