Pacific Palisades based Calvary School
California, USA

Project Details

California, USA

Because land and real estate in Southern California is at such a premium, businesses are always looking for creative ways to maximize the space that they already have. And that is exactly what Pacific Palisades based Calvary School did when they purchased tables for a courtyard adjacent to their athletic field for students to gather and eat lunch. What they didn’t consider were the weather elements that could come into play. When the sun was shining, students were exposed to harmful UV Rays. When it was raining, students couldn’t sit at the tables without getting wet. And because kids will be kids, students who were playing on the field were becoming distracted by those who were eating at the tables.

Instead of removing the tables, Academy was called in to come up with a solution. Working with the facilities team at the school, the Academy Project Manager made sure that all of the needs were understood before bringing in an Academy Designer and Engineer. Reviewing the area, they collaborated to design a structure that both covered the tables and included a shade panel to separate the athletic field from the tables. Next, Academy engaged in the rendering process, where utilizing Computer Automated Design (CAD), Academy was able to show Calvary exactly what the project would look like once completed.
After obtaining approval from Calvary, a member of the Academy Permitting team obtained all of the necessary permits to complete the structure. Next, a member of the Academy Welding Team worked with the engineer to confirm all of the specifications were being adhered to during the fabrication process. During the same time, Academy sewed a custom fitted canopy for the top of the structure. Once completed, an Academy Installation Team planned and installed the job at school. Start to finish, the job was completed in a few weeks time.

Today, if you visit the Calvary School, you will see children enjoying the outdoor tables, safe from the weather elements, and the athletic teams free from distraction.