KS Bar and Grille
Lexington, KY, USA

Project Details

Lexington, KY, USA

Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio, along with his partners wanted to open a true sports bar in downtown Lexington, KY. Matt, felt the city was saturated with restaurants, but little to no sports bars. “Our goal is to get any sports that people want to come out and watch collectively,” he said. “Our hope is it becomes the number one spot in Lexington to watch all sports,” Jones said, adding he hopes to be open by mid-August. “Our goal is to get it open before the ?rst football game.” The goal was to have a heavy University of Kentucky theme and decor.

The three important issues they wanted to solve were to create a great outdoor dining environment with protection from the rain and sun, have a custom color that would match the University of Kentucky school colors and have a custom motorized pergola that could be installed to meet their quickly approaching deadline.

The design was to incorporate white and Kentucky blue into the pergola. This was accomplished using a combination of blue and white louvers and a special blue extrusion that was inserted into whited posts. Because CA has their own powder coating paint line, he custom color was completed in record time. WeatherGuard(WG) Motorized Pergola was installed before the store opening, before the ?rst football game.

The KS Bar & Grille has quickly become the go to sport bar in Lexington and the UK themed pergola draws people to the outdoor patio where patrons enjoy great meals, great drinks and a wonderful outdoor dining environment.

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