Marlins Stadium
Miami, FL, USA

Project Details

Miami, FL, USA
Project Year
280 Acres
660 Million Dollars +

This 280 acre project was a huge undertaking for our company. This project, in its entirety, cost above 660 million dollars.

Century Products delivered products directly to the site to be exclusively used throughout the entire state of the art stadium. This stadium was finally completed in March of 2012, ready for opening day the following month.

Our root barriers will protect thousands of fans coming and going from this incredible stadium from trip and fall hazards that occur when tree roots lift sidewalks and cause damage to hardscapes.

After such costly construction, the owners of Marlins Stadium wanted to make sure they got the best possible protection to sustain their beautiful new facility, which led them to choose Century Root Barriers when creating their stadium.

Project Resource Files

Century Root Barrier
Century Root Barrier Installation with Terra Trencher