The Water Cube Installation
Pittsburgh Cultural District, Pittsburgh, PA

Project Details

GBBN Architects/EDGE Studio
Pittsburgh Cultural District, Pittsburgh, PA
Project Year

With the goal of attracting people downtown, The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust (PCT) wanted to dispense both still and sparkling drinking water to the public in an aesthetically pleasing way and promote reusable drinking water bottles. They worked with a team of local architects, fabricators, event planners and an electronic lighting wizard for three years to design a distinctive piece of functional public art, The Water Cube. Next they had to decide where to source the Cube’s drinking water fountains and water bottle filling stations. Since PCT had unique requirements they turned to Filtrine, the only custom builder of drinking water equipment in the US.

Filtrine recommended two durable non-recessed stainless steel drinking water fountains, Model 107-14s, for one side of the Cube. Because the Cube is not monitored, and PCT wanted to conserve water, Filtrine suggested two Model B103 stainless steel bottle filling stations for the other two walls. Filtrine’s sensor activated valves only turn on when the bottle is held under the dispenser, avoiding waste. One B103 disburses sparkling water with the use of an internal carbonator and the second disperses still water. The project has been well received by the community, quenching the thirst of both children and adults.