Yogi Bear's Jellystone Campground
Keystone Lake, Mannford, OK, USA

Project Details

Keystone Lake, Mannford, OK, USA

About Water Flecks:

Comprised of our U.V. resistant TPR (thermoplastic rubber) mixed with Flecks® two-part chlorine resistant aliphatic urethane, Water Flecks® is designed to withstand long-term exposure to chlorinated water. In addition to our anti-microbial properties, Water Flecks® does not contain any harmful metals or other chemicals that could leach out into the water. Water Flecks® is installed as a seamless rubber safety surface alone over concrete or with our patented EnviroFluff® cushion layer which is a proprietary energy absorbing foam making Water Flecks® the only seamless rubber surfacing system that will not break down over time due to chlorine or U.V. exposure. Due to its non-slip properties when wet and design capabilities, Water Flecks® is the ideal safety surface for wet play areas.