BucketHead Tavern
Knoxville, TN, USA

Project Details

National Pavement
Knoxville, TN, USA
Project Year
1,000 sq ft.

Location Overview
•The BucketHead Tavern was a new restaurant that opened in 2012 in Knoxville, Tennessee.

•The new tenant and owner of BucketHead Tavern, Troy Hale, transformed the existing building into a Colorado-style mountain tavern. Dustin Conner of National Pavement collaborated with Hale to create a one-of-a-kind look for the parking lot of the tavern using StreetBond® coatings and StreetPrint™-imprinted asphalt patterns.
•Flagstone and brick pavers can crack and heave, creating trip hazards for patrons entering the restaurant. The parking spaces directly in front of the building are designated as handicapped parking spots, and BucketHead Tavern’s choice to use StreetPrint™-imprinted asphalt and StreetBond® coatings makes their parking area and entrance ADA compliant.

Materials Used
•StreetBond® SB150 Pavement Coating

•It took a five-man crew only three days from start to finish to complete this parking lot job. Traditional asphalt rejuvenation can take much longer, but StreetBond® coatings are quick and easy to install. The decision to use StreetBond® coatings enabled National Pavement to use the existing 12-year-old asphalt instead of laying down new asphalt. To prep the area, the team removed the concrete bumpers and rebar, then removed the existing striping. Upon lifting the existing paint, the crew ran into a problem that is common with traditional striping—it left pits in the asphalt. This occurs because traditional paint, unlike StreetBond® coatings, does not flex with the asphalt in the heat and cold, causing the asphalt to pit beneath the paint. The team was able to remedy this by heating the asphalt, then compressing and raking the asphalt to smooth down the pits. The crew also encountered a previous asphalt sealer on the pavement; StreetBond® coatings typically should not be placed on top of seal coat-type products, but the previously used product was so worn that StreetBond® coating could be successfully applied.

Key Fact
•The use of StreetBond® coatings does not delay construction and is a great choice for projects that require multi-tasking and a quick turnaround time. Rejuvenating the asphalt with StreetBond® SB150 Pavement Coating instead of completely repaving did not impede construction on the interior in any way. StreetBond® SB150 Pavement Coating typically cures quickly, and the very next day heavy trucks and construction equipment were driving and parking directly on the newly coated asphalt.

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