Tropical Park
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Miami, FL, USA
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The first Fitness Zone created from a partnership between The Trust for Public Land, TD Bank, Greenfields Outdoor Fitness, and Miami-Dade County, Parks, Recreation, and Open Spaces, the Tropical Park Fitness Zone ®is a model of best practices in many areas.

Though popular in the past, the “fitness trail” concept with individual stations spread along a trail has been replaced by a more social layout, with large clusters of equipment designed to encourage interaction among users. To this end, the project planners kept all fitness apparatuses on a continuous concrete pad, with ferns, bushes and trees interspersed throughout. To ensure visibility and awareness, the fitness area was located near a parking lot on one of main routes through the large regional park.

Desiring to design a fitness area that would truly benefit the surrounding community, project planners selected units with activities for those at nearly every level of fitness. The 13 units in the Fitness Zone accommodate 38 simultaneous users, offering an extensive array of exercises for stretching and strengthening.

The Fitness Zone includes four stations specifically designed for users in wheelchairs. These four stations are integrated directly into units that also include stations for the able-bodied, ensuring that the Fitness Zone has a strong inclusive aspect. The concrete surfacing provides an easy surface to wheelchair users to navigate over.

Serving the able-bodied population, advanced users can enjoy plenty of challenging exercises on Greenfields’ 8-Person Linear Combo unit, located near the entrance of the Fitness Zone. The unit includes several stations for pull-ups of various styles; a push-up bar; a sit-up bench that can also be used for push-ups and leg raises, a dip station; and more.

Further into the Fitness Zone, the remaining 12 units encircle a large tree, which provides natural shade for the area. Units from Greenfields’ Signature Accessible™ line, such as the 2-Person Accessible Vertical Press, 2-Person Accessible Lat Pull, and 2-Person Accessible Chest Press (all of which have stations dedicated to wheelchair users) combine with the 2-Person Back & Arms Combo and 2-Person Butterfly and Reverse Fly Combo to offer an impressive selection of upper body strength-building exercises.

Lower-body units include the Leg Extension, 4-Person Lower Body Combo, Single Elliptical, and 4-Person Leg Press. Stretching activities are offered by the 4-Person Pendulum, Abs & Dips Station and the 2-Person Cross Country Ski.

Finally, the Fitness Zone features an especially environmentally-friendly design, incorporating green infrastructure practices that capture rainwater to minimize runoff.

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