Otero Signature Homes, Modern Farmhouse
Aurora, OH, USA

Project Details

Otero Homes
Aurora, OH, USA
Project Year

Otero Signature Homes partnered with Kichler Lighting to create a landscape lighting design to match the elegance of their newly constructed Modern Farmhouse.

For this installation, they wanted to make sure the design could stand the test of time and Kichler was their answer. Kichler has a legacy and reputation for quality and innovation, which was brought to light on this project with the use of several 12V Integrated LED Accent fixtures with Variable Lumen Output (VLO) technology.

The 12V LED Accent with VLO technology provides three lumen output choices from a single fixture and can be adjusted electronically with a switching magnet. This is particularly important for new construction because as the landscape grows over time, the light output can be adjusted accordingly to maintain the proper look originally designed. Several of the fixtures can be found uplighting the trees throughout the front yard, around the tree line towards the garage, and carefully placed throughout the backyard water feature.

Superior product performance, a complete line of products for indoor and out, and an industry leading warranty made Kichler LED Landscape products the perfect choice for this project for years to come.