Keep Your Cool

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SkyWays® by Landscape Structures provides cool and reliable shade for any play, activity or rest area. From playgrounds to schools to dog parks and more, you’ll be covered. Years of experience providing shade in some of the country’s sunniest locales has led to the development of the industry’s gold standard in shade structures. SkyWays shade products are designed to meet the demands of both heat and sun, shielding people from up to 97 percent of UV rays and keeping structures as much as 30-degrees cooler.

SkyWays shade products are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and are perfect for anywhere large amounts of shade are needed like playgrounds, ball fields or the beach. Even more, the patent-pending Rapid Release™ system allows for quick and easy removal and installation of SkyWays shade canopies. An adjustable mechanism will quickly release shade and ensure proper tensioning while reinstalling the canopy.