Chipotle | Cedar Center North
Cleveland, OH, USA

Project Details

Herschman Architects
Cleveland, OH, USA

Mapes Cantilever canopies are specially engineered with support brackets that offer a clean street scape sightline and minimalistic look. This support is available in a variety of styles including Super Lumideck , Lumishade, SuperShade style canopies. Deck profiles can be combined with differing fascias to complement any design emphasis or building requirement.

MATERIAL: All aluminum deck and framing.

FINISH: Mapes standard class 2 clear anodized.

DIMENSIONS: Outside corner unit: 3ft projection with legs of 22ft each.

FASCIA: Standard 8 inch tall ā€œgā€ style extruded aluminum on 3 sides 6063-t6, ( .125 thick).

DECKING: Mapes standard 2 ½ inch deep roll formed aluminum ā€œwā€ pans (.040 thick) set parallel to wall.

HANGER RODS: None used, canopy is purely cantilever supported. See following notes on cantilever brackets methods and materials.

CANTILEVER SUPPORT BRACKETS: Fully powder coated ½ inch thick aluminum blade brackets with aluminum back plates bolted to face of steel framing at wall face surface. Bracket attachment with 5/8 inch machine bolts threaded into structural steel face plates supplied by others.

WALL ATTACHMENT: Mapes supplied cantilever brackets bolt directly to structural steel framing installed in the wall assembly by others for the specific purpose of canopy bracket attachment with resultant canopy live loads transmitted into the steel wall brackets.

DRAINAGE: Mapes standard front corner scuppers, field located w/ 2 inch dia. drain hole.(Downspouts available).

FINISHES AVAILABLE: Clear anodized. Bronze or white baked enamel.