Steel Bridge for Linear Park Trail’s Equestrian and Pedestrian Traffic
Davie, FL, USA

Project Details

Davie, FL, USA

In Davie, Florida at the corner of Orange Drive and 106th Avenue an iconic steel bridge serves as a safe passage for equestrian, pedestrian, and cyclist traffic on the Linear Park Trail. The area has a strong equestrian community therefore it was only natural that the color choice for the bow truss steel bridge was Palomino.

The steel bridge connects the north and south sides of the trail system. The Linear Park Trail provides natural recreational opportunities in the metro area of south Florida.

Across the country, the trend is growing to convert old transportation beds into trail systems for a variety of users from equestrians to pedestrians to cyclists. However, since several of railroad systems have been out of service for years, so has the maintenance. Often project managers find that the bridges need to be replaced for safety and aesthetic reasons.

Park systems can benefit from the unique branding opportunity that the right style of bridge offers when it is used as an iconic symbol of their trails. Steel bridges are a way to draw attention to the trail while also solving the problem of safely traversing roadways and ravines.

Pioneer Bridges steel bridges can be seen throughout the United States including the Katy Trail in Missouri, Greenway Trail in Indianapolis, Indiana, and, of course, the Linear Park Trail in Davie, Florida.

The Linear Park Trail connects over 100 miles of trails of the trail system. Serving a wide audience of equestrians, pedestrians, and cyclists, the Linear Trail Park Trail has great views and multiple places for constituents to take a break in a pavilion or spend time along the canal bank.

On both sides of the bridge, the 20-foot wide asphalt trail transitions to a poured in place concrete ramp that tapers to the concrete decking of the bridge.

Even though everything went well, it didn’t all go as planned, “On our end, we had a permitting problem and needed time to resolve it,” said Keith Purcell, project manager with the Town of Davie, Florida. “Pioneer Bridges was understanding and easy to work with. They stored the bridge for us for 6 months while we resolved the issues with the permits.”