Centro Commercial Ecoplaza
Arkos, CO, USA

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Arkos, CO, USA
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Plazit-Polygal, a producer of polycarbonate building materials, has launched Topgal, a modular range of translucent roofing material which is described as attractive, economic, flexible and easy to install.

Suitable for any building which requires natural light, the Topgal range can be used practically everywhere. The Centro Commercial Ecoplaza mall's roof and walls were built with Topgal.

Durable and weather-resistant, the system, which consists of the panels and a number of connectors, edge protectors and fasteners, can be installed with nothing more complicated than a screw driver.

Topgal panels are linked together with easy-to-fit connectors which create a mechanical lock between the sheets ensuring strength and making the panels watertight. Fixture points are hidden and the sheets can be flexed to suit any type of structure.

“The Topgal system is translucent but all damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays are filtered out while heat transference is limited,” says Tito Asher, a spokesman for the company. “It is modular, so units can be added as needed.”

Topgal is produced in five different colours; clear, bronze, ice, blue and polyshade silver, delivering different levels of light transmission. Topgal sheets come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to meet the most demanding of needs, he adds.

Asher says the Topgal standing-seam panels and components integrate the unique properties of a multi-wall structure to deliver superior strength, rigidity and thermal insulation.

Topgal sheets are manufactured in 600 and 1,000 mm widths (centre to centre) and in thicknesses from 8 to 20 mm. In addition to the standard colours, Plazit-Polygal can tailor special colours and solar radiation levels.