What does a Hospital and Ships Stairs Have in Common?
Oklahoma, USA

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Precision Ladders, LLC & Jeff Brown, Specialty Sales Associates
Oklahoma, USA
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What does an Oklahoma hospital and a Ships Stair have in common? The hopsital had a need to provide a safe, easy and efficient way for crossing over the heating and air duct on top of their new building. The ships stair met that need.

Jeff Brown, of Specialty Sales Associates, reviewed the quote for the hosptial project and immediatley knew that he could provide an aluminum heavy duty ships stair with a cross over bridge that would allow a safe, easy and efficient way to cross over the heating and air duct work.

Meeting that need saved over 250 feet of space to walk around the heating and air duct – which is 2/3 the size of a football field! The aluminum ships stair met the IBC 1011.15 building code requirements in 2015 (OSHA did not have a code requirement at that time). With handrails on both sides of the ships stairs, a wide tread depth and width with an angle between 60 - 70 degrees makes it a safe, easy angle of ascent and descent.

Aluminum is maintenace free which provides a great benefit to the hosptial maintenance team and is priced comparable to a steel ships stair. With the aluminum stairs being 2/3 less weight than that of steel, it is ususally more affordable to purchase, deliver and install.

Today, OSHA 1910.25 code requirements apply to the ships stair (formerly called a ships ladder) and has some changes to the minimum tread depths and riser heights, etc. It is important to consult the 1910.25 codes or speak with someone like Precision Ladders who has been working with ladder and stair designs and manufacturing for over thirty years.

These ladder stairs can be customized with powder coating or anodizing when requested and shipped directly to the job site.

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