D.I.Y. Installation: Bluelab LBC Living Future Institute

Project Details

Michigan Hardscape

The driveway is done with Ecoraster grid filled with crushed granite. Then it is stitched with a reclaimed granite cobble paver from streets of Chicago and a few from Atwater Street in Detroit (one of the first paved streets in Detroit). There will be an edge of grass over the Ecoraster along the sides. This gives a natural soft green buffer that can be driven on when stupid humans drive off the edge of the driveway. Most importantly, the driveway is completely permeable. We've tested with actual rain, hose at 5 gpm and by dumping a 5 gallon bucket directly on the Ecoraster grid. The water disappeared as if it was being dumped into an empty hole!! Check out the videos. And it withstands large excavators and dump trucks filled with gravel.