Coastal Living Idea House
Beaufort, South Carolina

Project Details

Eric Moser Design Group, Allen Patterson Residential
Beaufort, South Carolina
Project Year

The entire 2018 Coastal Living Idea house is exceptionally designed but it’s the home’s outdoor living spaces that make it truly special. The elevated screened-in porch features a unique integration of our MeshGuard and Mini Track screening systems.

The architectural designer of the home, Eric Moser, definitely aligns philosophically with what we’re all about here at Screen Tight — the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living.

He and his team designed the porch as an extension of the living room, with similar scale and built-in climate control with the prevailing winds from the southwest to ensure there is always a breeze. A fireplace was also integrated in the porch design to extend the living area throughout the colder months.

The Beaufort-based residential designer also said “The beauty of our natural environment is why we live here, so I want to design a home that always reminds its owners of what’s around them.”

This project benefits from a close collaboration between architect and builder. Allen Patterson of Allen Patterson Residential who selected MeshGuard as an alternative to traditional balusters below the screen porch handrail. Patterson has discerning taste when it comes to the building products he chooses for a project.

“Build a house that requires as little maintenance as possible” he said. “The building products out there today are so good, they really allow you to enjoy what you’ve built.”

The end result is an exquisite screen porch that extends the primary living room of the home into an unobstructed view of the gorgeous Lowcountry marsh.

Project Resource Files

MeshGuard Installation
MINItrack Installation