A Sculptural Focal Point by Solus Decor

Project Details


Solus was able to provide a sculptural focal point to an existing backyard pond.

The owner of this home wanted something sensual and contemporary to help offset the rectilinear concrete form work. A simple and elegant solution was to install 2 different sized hemispheric "Scupper" water fountains. One very large (4 feet) sitting at grade and another smaller one (26 inches) perched on top of a concrete wall. Different metal types were chosen based on adjacent foliage colour. The result was an elegant architectural solution that adds the soothing sound of falling water and the sensual curves of the Hemispheres. The colour and texture of the plantings make this all come together.The clients love it.

Solus “Scupper” water features are made with our high performance concrete in 10 colours with a choice of three different metal types (stainless steel, brass & copper). They can be integrated into any existing pond setup or as stand alone self contained units.

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