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Pre-Cast Bioretention Planters Filter Stormwater

Processing stormwater on structure has been made easier with pre-cast, pre-plumbed planter systems. In downtown Mountain View, CA, home of Google, Jett Landscape Architecture + Design chose Tournesol Siteworks’ bioretention planters for a newly constructed, 52-unit condominium community. Local code requires that all water coming off constructed environments be filtered through bioswales and bioretention areas to improve water quality, and a larger footprint was possible by putting these on structure.

Typically, bioretention planters are at least 42' deep, allowing for 12' of gravel, 24' of filtering soil media, and 6' of freeboard area to accommodate the drainage from the drain lead. Drainage from the pre-cast planter may be channeled out by a plumbed drain line or may be drained from a scupper to an on-ground planting area.

Pre-cast bioretention planters are typically made of lightweight GFRC concrete. The live loads on the sidewalls of these very large planters typically demand the rigidity and strength of concrete. The units may be used individually or ganged together to filter a larger area. The product compares very favorably, both in terms of footprint and ease of installation, with both cast-in-place concrete and build-in-place CMU construction alternatives.

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1101 W. El Camino