NextGen Home
Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

Project Details

Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

Nonprofit green l spaces and their team designed and built the first in a series of four net zero energy homes in a dense downtown neighborhood in outdoorsy Chattanooga, TN. To help drive demand for high performance, healthy homes in their market, this 1700 square-foot three bedroom, three bathroom home, was financed, built, and sold traditionally and used to educate homeowners, builders, realtors, appraisers, and lenders in their market. Every decision was weighed carefully to maximize both cost efficiency and energy efficiency.

Using WrapShield IT Integrated Tape - Water Resistive Vapor Permeable Air Barrier Sheet Membrane installed under a rain screen, ductless mini splits, energy recovery ventilation, a heat pump hot water heater, and a heat pump dryer, the team was able to deliver a home that performed better than designed and sold it at market rate. Since moving in, the owners have only used 67% of the energy generated by their 4.65 kW solar array, selling the remainder back to the grid.

4,000 sq. ft. of WrapShield IT Integrated Tape was installed behind a fiber cement rain screen façade to allow air flow and prevent moisture intrusion. WrapShield IT offers exceptional flexibility and can be used with multiple cladding, concrete panels, and siding. WrapShield IT seals horizontal seams in all weather conditions, and easily creates the shingled effect for optimum air and water tight horizontal joinery.

In 2016, the development was recognized as a NextGen Approved Home, Energy Star 3.0 Certified, and EPB Smart Build Certified. WrapShield IT aligns perfectly with the criteria that was set, as it is 100% recyclable, has zero VOC’s and requires no primer for application. Built with WrapShield IT, green