Guardian Bicycle Shelter
Longmont, CO, USA

Project Details

Installer: Shelter Specialist
Longmont, CO, USA
Project Year

In the winter of 2016, the Guardian 20 was installed at Highway underpass at Hover St. The accompanying photos show the construction process of the project.

1) Concrete pad has been poured in advance and the Guardian shelter has arrived in multiple crates.
2) The numbered wall sections have been located and riveted into position.
3) The wall sections are completely assembled, leveled and door has been installed.
4) The roof sections are located and crates are opened and prepared for installation.
5) The roof sections are ready to be placed into position.
6) In this case a crane is used to place the roof sections into position. Roof Section 1 being installed.
7) Roof Section 2 being moved into position and joined to roof section 1.
8) Roof section 2 being carefully moved into position.
9) Top Center Roof has been installed and shelter is complete.
10) Shelter is completely assembled including U-Racks.
11) Bike layout inside Guardian shelter- the unit is now complete!