Baylor Business School (Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation) (VIEW Glass)
Waco, TX, USA

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Flintco ARCH: Overland Partners
Waco, TX, USA
Project Year

VIEW™ Button Structural Glass Balustrade Railing System is one of the best sellers, adorning guardrail and stair railing applications for various prestigious projects around the country. VIEW decorative railing provides a refreshing modern look to any project. VIVA uses adjustable stand-off sometimes also referred to as buttons, this comes in very handy when the steel or concrete structure is not level or plumb. This button structural glass balustrade railing system meets all IBC code requirements and can be used with a single line free standing railing (see VIVA FSR railing system) system to meet ADA code. The VIVA iRAIL illuminated LED rail is a great add-on application for a sleek, modern look.
Baylor Business School, also known as Hankamer School of Business features programs for those that have a calling to change their career through teamwork, innovation, and integrity. This is one of our largest projects to date with over 2,000 feet of railing systems on 4 floors make up what students see today. That doesn’t even include a two additional stairwells with additional railing systems! Our VIEW™ glass railing system was chosen by Flintco and Overland Architectsto complement the design.
Flintco has been in the contractor business for over a century. They were founded by a Native American family and still continue that tradition to this day, building over 65 long-term relationships with Indian Nations. Since their first job at the Redbird Smith Health Center, Flintco has become one of the top awards winning companies to date.
Overland Architects began with the culture based on core values, which in turn, makes the world a better place to live. These ideas bring out the most creative aspects to the clients as well as the unique architecture that has brought them over 120 awards and featured in a vast amount of publications.

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